A New Beginning


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.!

Newbie me didn’t know what to type on my first post and had to Google “How to write your first blog”. So I gonna be a good student and follow closely to the steps given in the website. Hehe.

Who Am I?

If I gonna describe who am I, I would most probably get exhausted upon reaching the second step. Heee. InsyaAllah in my future posts, I will slowly share who I was, who I am and what kind of person I wanna be. So for a start, here’s some parts of me that will never change.


My two pillars of strength who always trust me in making my own decisions. Thank you Mama for always showing and proving to me what a good Muslimah is all about. And thank you Abah for always reminding me to seek Allah SWT’s guidance in whatever decision I’m gonna make.


From left: Brother-in law, Elder Sister, Eldest Brother, Me (Youngest), Second Brother. Although we have a lot of differences (and our faces are different from one another), that what makes this love-hate relationship interesting! But of cz, now that we are mature people, it’s more of love and less of hatred. Hehe.


The love of my life: My Ustaz aka My Husband. ❤ Only after 3 months of knowing each other, we got married on 20th December 2013. He’s 23 and I’m 22. I thank Allah SWT for this wonderful gift. Sometimes I feel like I’m not deserving of someone like him. I just couldn’t ask for more… Alhamdulillah.


My New Family! Sometimes I wondered, how did my in laws managed to bring up 5 children and all of them are so successful in both duniawi and ukhrawi matters? SubhanAllah. And oh! Spot 3 brides and grooms in this photo!


Why Am I Blogging?

Coming from secular schools which I attended for  more than half my life and only attended weekly religious class (which I stopped attending at the age of 17), I thought life was just about getting good grades, get into a good university, get a good career and WALAA~! get good salary. Sounds like a typical Singaporean, huh? Well, of cz. Ever since we were young, that was being ingrained into our mind and (lifeless) soul. And yeap, being a typical girl (errr, not really typical cz I was tomboy-ish), life must always be about having fun.

I finally break away from the norm when I was 21, year 2 in Singapore Management University, majoring in Information Systems Management. But my decision to quit SMU wasn’t my turning point. I quitted SMU to achieve what was my real passion – to be a PE (physical education) teacher. However, Allah SWT has better plans for me and I finally ended up at somewhere I have never thought of being into – International Islamic University Malaysia. And life has never been better after that.

So back to the question, why am I blogging? I’m blogging cz I want to show people that the hardships that were brought upon each individual is actually Allah SWT’s way of saying “Come back to Me. You need Me to overcome these challenges.” We always fail to realise that Allah SWT doesn’t need us, instead, we are always in dire need of Him. Allah SWT is great. Before He let us taste the beauty of His Paradise in the Hereafter, He let us experience Paradise in this Dunya, and that is peace and tranquillity. We just need to seek for it and yeap, only through Him.

What I Will Be Blogging About?

InsyaAllah, mostly I will be blogging about my past experiences and how I managed to use my pasts as tools to do better in my present life. Of cz I’m not a counsellor or Ustazah, but I just hope people who have similar background as me can get a tip or two on how they too can live their life with purpose. InsyaAllah. In the end, Hidayah belongs to Allah and I’m just here as an encourager.

How Can You Leave Feedback?

Actually I don’t know. Haha. Can you leave a comment on my post? Err. Or you can add me on FB: Nurashikin Salim. Hehe. Sorry, a bit of a noob on this. xD


THAT’S ALL FOR NOW! Thank you for reading! 😀

OH! Disclaimer: Please do not judge. Please don’t say “You’re an Ustaz’s wife. You shouldn’t be so explicit in whatever you post.” My husband and I are two different people and we have different ways in delivering our messages. He is more professional whereas I am more spontaneous in my writing. Nonetheless, I still accept concrete feedbacks, InsyaAllah! :))


Okay da da.. Heh. Assalamualaikum. ^^v