Late last year, 2 days before the day of my solemnization, I had Tilawah examination. The Ustaz whom invigilated me saw me for the first time and right after I finished reciting the Qur’an, he talked to me.

Ustaz: This is the first time I’ve seen a student from Human Sciences (from Singapore) who wears the niqab. Why you wear the niqab?

Me: To avoid from doing more sins, Ustaz.

Ustaz: So in Singapore do you follow any group?

Me: Huh? What do you mean?

Ustaz: I mean, salafi or anything??

Me: Ouh… No la. I’m a Muslim. 🙂

Nice to meet you, Hulk. I’m Muslim.

I was quite taken aback when he asked me if I’m following any group back in Singapore cz in all honesty, I didn’t know what kind of groups he was referring to. After quite some times, I began to understand about the different groups that the Ustaz was asking.

Coming from secular background, I was quite ignorant about what these groups are all about. I didn’t want to get involved into these groups neither do I even want to know what was it all about. Being a Muslimah back then was way easier. Being ignorant was easy.

Back then when I went for any Islamic talks or seminars, I will just take in everything at face value. If it sounds rather sound to me, then it must be true. But I was wrong. Very very wrong. What may sound as legit, may actually be untrue. I once used a popular Hadith in social media but it turns out to be a false Hadith! Astarghfirullahaladzim… I was so lucky cz after a few minutes I posted that on social media, a friend of mine told me that the Hadith was a fabricated one. And what’s the consequence of spreading fabricated Hadith?

The Prophet PBUH said, “Whoever tells a lie against me then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell-fire.” [Bukhari]

That Hadith above is enough to scare me like crazy.

Try sitting on this chair for just a millisecond.

Alhamdulillah now that I’m wiser, it made me thinking, “Since there are many Ahadith (pl. for hadith) that are widely available be it from social media or from our local Asatizah, then how are supposed to distinguish Sahih (true) Ahadith from weak or fabricated ones?”

I won’t say all Madrasah, but in some Madrasah, students are not allowed to ask questions pertaining to what was being taught. To some, it is disrespectful to ask things that are already written and practised by Islamic scholars of past centuries. This may be one of the main factors why there are many murtads recently – they are not allowed to ask questions and are forced to swallow every information given. And it is not surprising if there are more new comers to the Singapore Murtad Association in the near future if their “what deemed as silly” questions left unanswered. This is a serious problem and need to be tackled as soon as possible. 

I applaud these people for having critical minds to ask and not becoming like me, who just wished to stay ignorant. So please Asatizah, these people can either grow successfully in your hands or just wilt and eventually die (spiritually).

Another trend in Singapore and Malaysia especially, we are too focused on labelling someone into a certain group just because he or she has different views from the traditional and mainstream teachings. This is, in my opinion, a very crucial problem in our Muslim society and this is, in my opinion again, the main factor for the division amongst the Ummah.

It is indeed very saddening to see how hypocrite people can be. At one point they say, “We must make sure that the Ummah is undivided!” and the next moment, “Your beliefs are not in line with ours, you’re a Wahabi!”. Believe me, this is not an exaggerated scene. 

Recently a friend of mine was promoting an Islamic event based on a book of a particular great scholar of Islam, then I said something that makes it seems like as though I’m “belittling” that great scholar. Of cz, a few refuted back. I wanted to refute back, but my husband had to stop me and said, “It’s better not to reply back because people will start labelling you as a Wahabi.”

I was super disappointed. Why is it so easy for someone to be given the title “Wahabi” just because he or she has opposing views from the majority? Do they even know the real definition of a Wahabi? I asked my husband, “how many percent of the Muslim population in Singapore actually follows the teachings of Muhammad Bin ‘Abd-al-Wahab (founder of Wahabism)?” And he said, maybe only around 5%. 

People are worried about the rising popularity of Sheikh Google but they are not worried about the rising numbers of famous Asatizah who became stars overnight. Having lots of Asatizah and famous ones are not what that worry me, but what worries me is that when we are a follower of a particular famous Asatizah, we tend to believe everything that the Asatizah says. They are humans too and they too can bring inaccurate information regarding Islam and what’s worse is when those Asatizah just don’t know how to say “I don’t know”.

Saying “I don’t know” won’t make you look stupid. It can save the whole generation from your “intelligent” guess.

Almost everyone in the medical industry are called ‘Doctors’. A heart surgeon is a Doctor. A dentist is a Doctor. But you won’t possibly go to a heart surgeon asking about your toothache! Same goes in this context. People don’t realise that Islam is very vast and we have different specialists too! Almost everyone are called ‘Ustaz’ and ‘Ustazah’. A person who specialises in the tafsir of Qur’an is an Ustaz/Ustazah. A person who specialises in Hadith is an Ustaz/Ustazah. A person who specialises in Fiqh is also an Ustaz/Ustazah. There are many other branches of Islamic knowledge that one can specialise in and they are called by the same title!

What I’m trying to imply on is that, how you treat Doctors and their specialities, you too must treat Ustaz/Ustazah the same way. If you ask Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan about the Hadith, I’m pretty sure he will say “I’m not from that field, you may want to find someone else who is an expert in the Hadith”. Why? Because he specialises in the tafsir of Qur’an. And have you ever gone to a seminar where there are several speakers and before the Q&A starts they will say “I specialised in _____. Don’t ask me anything that’s not from my field.” That my friend, is the kind of teacher that we should learn from.

Let’s take a look at this picture:

You must be kidding me right?

Astarghfirullahaladzim… I was fuming mad when I saw this on Facebook. Bilal Philips? Yusuf Estes? Abdurrahman Green? Towfiq Chaudry? Zakir Naik? THEY’RE ALL WAHABI?! YOU SERIOUS BRO? You must be kidding me. I must have been a Wahabi all this while then! Goodness gracious! In all respects, I won’t give any opinion on any of “Our Islamic Scholars”.

Whenever I look at that picture, I will Istighfar countless of times. I grew up spiritually listening to their lectures on Youtube. How much impact they’ve left on me and just because they choose to follow strictly to the Qur’an and Sunnah and they don’t wish to follow Bid’ah (innovations in ‘Ibadah), you call them Wahabi? Ya Allah… For instance, is it wrong if to them they believe that music is Haram? And they even give justifications from Qur’an and Hadith before putting a hukum on something. But have you ever heard anyone of them saying that if you’re doing a Bid’ah, you’re a Kafir?

I’ve said too much. So what can we do then?

  • Remember that Asatizah, or any Islamic Scholars have flaws too. As long they are humans, they are not flawless. Know their strengths and be careful of what they are not specialised in. Don’t be mad when someone points out the weakness in your favourite Scholar because he or she may be right. Have an open discussion with an open mind.
  • Never settle down till you find out the truth. Really, this is crucial. I believe that if you’re determined in finding the truth, Allah SWT will bring the truth to you. It comes in a form of niat (intention) and finding people who are experts in that particular field.
  • Do not label anyone. Please don’t. Anyone who declares him or herself as a Muslim, will always remain a Muslim no matter whatever he or she believes in. As long it doesn’t go against any Islamic rulings, then insyaAllah it will be fine. Usually it is the case of whether this is more accurate or that is more accurate. That’s all.
  • Know your “enemy”. This, I learn from my husband. Especially those people who are being coloured from the majority. And just a tips, usually people who are being called Wahabis are those who specialised in Hadith. Maybe you might want to go to these people and ask them which field they’re from and see if my prediction is correct. If it’s correct, then I urge you to ask them why they’re called Wahabis. You might just be surprised and your whole view on Islam might change. You’ll be a critical Muslim after that, insyaAllah.

Disclaimer: Imam Syafie loved Ahlulbayt yet he was never a Shiite.

There are much bigger problems that are happening in this world, my Brothers and Sisters. Why are we dividing ourselves when we need to unite as one because we have other Brothers and Sisters from another part of the world who are dying? We should know our priorities. We should know our real enemy. Take a moment to feel their pain.

Our enemies are the same group of people who control the media and killing innocent lives. What are their motives?

ps: I’ve never really ask anyone to share any of my post. But for this, if you think this can bring benefit to the Ummah, please help me to spread this message. Jazakallu khairan kathira. 🙂



6 thoughts on “I’M A MUSLIM!

    • nurashikinsalim says:

      Waalaikumusalamwarahmatullah. 🙂

      Honestly, I don’t know what’s a wahabbi really is. But for sure, those people in Singapore/Malaysia who are being labelled as wahabbi, most of them are not really wahabbi. 🙂

  1. sarahbzul says:

    I have a few things I would like to say. I agree with a lot of things you say and disagree with some. Please bear with my long comment. Some may soon harsh but I assure you, I just want to know your thoughts or whoever who reads this, please reply.

    Firstly, if you don’t know what a wahabi is (based on this post and based on the question from Mohammad who commented), I feel like you’re talking without substance. I’m not saying I know more than you nor am I saying you know nothing. My point is, I’m sick and tired of people who said wahabi is this or wahabi is that but do not actually know what it is.

    If you don’t know what a wahabi is, why are you so adamant about it to begin with? What is there to be adamant about? Maybe you’re angry at the wrong things or angry unnecessarily? Surely, being angry is not good. About you going ‘astaghfirullah’ many times, I’m sure you can just close your browser and continue doing something better?

    I’m sure you’re a nice lady. I’ve read some of your other posts. It is a nice read. 🙂 And I’m not one to comment, however, I just feel the need to this time.

    Those people who says Zakir Naik etc are wahabis, what do they know? Maybe like you, they got the wrong idea of wahabis. Who knows if wahabi was never meant to be a bad thing. I’m sure it wasn’t. Don’t you think that perhaps if you perceive them to be bad, then you are just like one of those people who accused Zakir Naik to be a wahabi? (I like Zakir Naik, I do watch some of his lectures.)

    Now, I agree that you’re supposed to be muslim. As in, one should go, “I’m a muslim”, rather than “I’m a sunni” or “I follow Imam Hanbali” etc. I agree when you said muslims should just follow the teachings of the Quran and the hadiths. That should be our primary source. Now, what I don’t agree is when people start dividing themselves and even when they say they’re not dividing themselves, truly they are. By you being unhappy that some people are unhappy that you have your own ways (I hope that sentence is not confusing haha), means you are dividing yourself. Isn’t it? Our Nabi PBUH surely would prefer everyone to have one way of thinking. Surely, our Nabi PBUH would prefer you not to be angry? Eg if the Quran is our book, then the Quran is our book. But that brings me to my next point.

    What I don’t get is why do people take everything so literally now? Doesn’t mean we have to think similarly, means we can’t have different choices. Like my favourite food can be fried rice, while yours is tom yam. Doesn’t mean our differences are wrong. Doesn’t mean your family doesn’t do ‘kenduri’ means that if my family does ‘kenduri’, that we are wrong. Doesn’t mean that if it was not practiced by Nabi PBUH, means it’s wrong. To me, to each its own as long as tak langkah agama. And that is another grey line, what is considered langkah, and what is not. What do we know? What makes us think our knowledge is good? Only Allah and his messenger knows best. If the reason to do ‘kenduri’ is for sillaturrahim, then I don’t see why not even if it’s not practiced by our Nabi PBUH.

    Yes I also agree we should have different Ustaz with different expertise. Again, I don’t get why it is such a big deal? Like what you said, there are different types of doctors. ENT, cardio, gynae etc. Like how there are many maths teachers, they will be many teachers teaching Fiqh for example. And how we need to back up our resources, likewise in research right? It goes without saying. I’m a Masters student and my professors are very particular about references. It should be the same here. Must it take a kafir to teach us this?

    For me simple, if people don’t agree with what you said, there is no need to be angry. Easy. We all have our own graves. We are all trying to do good. There is no point bringing down another muslim if they just want to follow one sect.There is no point trying to pinpoint every mistake another muslim is doing. Yes, you don’t want to subahat. But there is an art in telling people nicely. Not just say ‘itu salah ini salah’. Sume salah, takde orang nak masuk Islam.

    Islam is a way of life. It is supposed to be easy to practice. It is us who makes it difficult to practice. Why are we making things difficult? We should all, sunni or shite or wahabi, to be all together as one. It is very shameful that we “boast” that our Quran is not altered, and yet we are divided. We mock that the Bible or Torah is corrupted, and yet in the media, where does the corruption truly lie? Why? I don’t get it. I have a shite friend, and even though he prays differently, I see him as a muslim.

    Another thing I don’t get. Following the Quran and hadiths strictly. Ok I can understand if one wants to follow it strictly. But literally? Nah, I don’t agree with it. Some things cannot be taken literally. If really these “wahabis” wanna take it seriously and literally, then get off the internet. Nabi PBUH’s era doesn’t have internet. Go and learn religion through Ustazs. Not the internet. If wanna follow literally and strictly, then don’t drive the car or take a public transport. Own a camel or a horse instead. Nabi PBUH’s era has got no automated vehicles. After all, the car was invented by a kafir.

    Is it wrong to live up with the times?

    The thing is my dear, I am faced with parents who want to follow things strictly. And everyone claims they’re wahabi but of course my parents denied. I don’t care what they are. What I do care is how literal they take things. They don’t do kenduri, no majlis cukur rambut, no pelamin (and they claimed no ustaz ever had paladin but I saw you do have one) no music at weddings (even though in the car they say music is allowed because apparently it’s not your ibadah???? I don’t get this. If music is haram means everywhere else music is haram, you are tested everywhere not just during your ibadah). They claim they follow Quran and hadiths strictly, and yet they shun themselves away from the public eye and divides themselves from the “standard Islam”.

    I want to know your thoughts. By making this blog post, it may create confusion. Like people can go two ways. They can either go “omg she is a wahabi” or “oh wahabi orang jahat, I shall condemn all wahabis then”. Which in turn, means we are back to square one. People yet are coming to the internet to find out answers. They get confuse. They forgot that if internet is their only source, Iblis is just beside you making you confuse about everything.

    What we need is peace and love. If we can’t have peace amongst muslims, how are we to expect the world to give us peace?! Fix ourselves amongst muslims first, before telling the world to fix their mindset about us.

    Lastly, I would like to end with this simple verse in an-Nasa’i 3057 (for everyone).

    “and beware of going to extremes in religious matters, for those who came before you were destroyed because of going extremes in religious matters.”

    • nurashikinsalim says:

      Salam Sarah. Hehe. Thank you for taking your time to type out your thoughts. I have to agree with some that you have said. Anyway this post was two years ago and of cz some of my thoughts have changed too. It is only human to make mistakes, right? Plus, like you say, the internet is not a place for someone to get gain religious knowledge from and my blog is no exception. It is merely my opinion and understanding which is not meant to be academic. I would have written a book otherwise. Hehe.

      • sarahbzul says:

        Salam! Thanks for reading. I wasn’t at all tackling your mistakes. I just see these things very often. Like people get very offended with things that shouldn’t exist from the start.

        Didn’t mean that people can’t read your blog. It’s a personal blog, not a lecture anyway. I just feel like since there are already so many people out there who get offended very easily, they might react to yours as they do with others. I just don’t get it. Like I said, your blog is a good read. I’m sure if everyone takes everything with a pinch of salt and only focuses on what truly matters, the world will be a better place. 😦

        I would just like to know more about what you think since you are majoring in Islamic psychology, if I read your other posts correctly. 🙂

  2. Uhibbuki fillah says:

    Afwan but I pity people like me who really wanna follow the Quran and Sunnah but then people say Nabi PBUH’s time didnt have cars so why not have a camel and so on and so forth . Sorry but dont get me wrong . But innovations in worship and worldly matters is two different matters , Yes ? No ? . Innovation in worldly matters which makes us easier for example people living in asia to travel to mekkah . Not doing an ibadah though but transportation . But innovation in ibadah is a nono . As mentioned by our beloved – The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) stated repeatedly that: “Every newly-invented thing is a bid’ah (innovation), every bid’ah is a going astray, and every going astray will be in the Fire.” (Reported by al-Nisaa’i in al-Sunan, Salaat al-‘Eedayn, Baab kayfa al-Khutbah). Reports with the same meaning were narrated via Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) by Ahmad, via al-‘Irbaad ibn Saariyah by Abu Dawud and via Ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) by Ibn Maajah.
    Even our 4 imams says to follow the hadiths if it contradicts against whatever they thought . If i dont utilise the internet , i wont know how authentic a hadith is being brought up by someone . Sunnah.com tells us the grades of all hadiths . So am i using internet as an ibadah ? Infact its research . Im so sad that i have to use a camel from Singapore , go all the way up till mekkah to perform umrah or even hajj . Anyways im still searching for authentic reports stating that in cars we can on musics . Because so far when im on the road , i’ll be hearing onto sunnah radio 106fm . And yes i agree that we are being tested with musics everywhere . And guess what , in the neighborhood masjid also . All our beloved imam masjids likes to share dzikir and duas loudly . They really do emphasize that . I mean afwan if im wrong but when i make dua or even doing my salah , i feel distracted by your voices . How am i even going to have kusyuk . Ma shaa Allah . May Allah send upon hidayahs on those who is not on the right path . Indeed he is the turner of hearts . Afwan if i sound debating or too harsh . Im a normal human being who sins alot may you guide me if im wrong .
    JazakAllahu Khairon
    Taqaballalahu minaa wa minkum

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