Palestine. Save our Palestine.


Free Palestine.

Totally blessed to be able to be to step into the blessed land of Aqsa. Ignorant me only knew about Al-Aqsa late 2012 and within just one year, Allah has granted my prayer. Alhamdulillah. 

Ranted on family WA group that we (more like me only cz I wear the niqab) were held back for 5 hours plus at Israel custom but Abah said I’m lucky I had to wait for 5 hours only cz many waited for 50 years to get to Al-Aqsa but still haven’t got the chance to do so. Alhamdulillah.


People always portray Dome of Rock as Masjidil Aqsa. This is the real Masjidil Aqsa.

And I felt more blessed when hubby said this to me: “Your second time praying Solat Jumaat and it’s at Aqsa.” Cz the first time ever I prayed Solat Jumaat was during the day of my nikah and hubby was the Imam. Heeee…

Right after Solat Jumaat, heard a loud gun shot outside Masjidil Aqsa, but I was praying inside the Dome of Rock. While searching for hubby, I saw a very brave scene. Israel soldiers were shooting gas while the people of Aqsa, majority of them were youngsters, were walking bravely towards them while throwing stones and shouting “Laa ila ha illallah!” together.


Dome of Rock, not Masjidil Aqsa. The media has successfully manipulated this fact.

Subhanallah. Such bravery. And if people were to relate Man of Steel with Superman, they surely have not seen the People of Aqsa who are the real Men of Steel. 


It was quite a scene outside Masjidil Aqsa after Jumuah Prayer.

Du’a is their weapon.
Wudhu’ is their armour.
That to me, is what being Muslim all about. When we fight, we fight to die.

Situations outside of Jerusalem.

Kids and teenagers from almost everywhere around the world usually complain: “Urgh! I have no freedom!” 

Well, you don’t know the real meaning of ‘no freedom’ till you see these kids in Palestine. They are being treated like animals which are trapped in their own habitat while being watched out by some cruel zookeepers. 


Look at the red arrow. Seriously? What harm can these kids bring?

Innocent and helpless children can’t play around happily cz of the fear of being shot down for no apparent reason. I don’t even know if these kids know the meaning of toys cz they are full time beggars. 


Kids as young as 3 years old, running after visitors for donations.

Doors of homes of innocent families are being locked by Israel soldiers because that’s how much they hate them for doing nothing. Imagine your old and frail grandmother having to go in and out the house through the small window via a ladder. Imagine if she’s having a sudden heart attack and needs to be rushed to the hospital. 


Home sweet home?

Taxi driver told us that it’s easy to distinguish a Palestinian home and an Israeli home. Look out for water tanks on the roof top. Because these Israelis can just stop supplying water to the Palestinians as and when they like and for as long as they wish. And if you don’t know, rain in Middle Eastern countries are rare.

Palestinians can’t roam around in their own country freely. People who stay outside of Jerusalem are being denied of their own rights to visit Al-Aqsa. And every Muslim knows how much the blessed land of Al-Aqsa meant to us. The closest they could get to see the shining Dome of Rock is from a highland. And to be honest, when the taxi driver showed us the Dome of Rock from that distance, blind bat me couldn’t see a thing.

Taxi driver then brought us to a mountain. And he showed the Palestinian boundaries and Israeli boundaries. And he said that the Israeli boundaries are growing like cancer. They trick and they kill to conquer the land that’s not even theirs in the first place.


Look at that white caravans. It’s the Israeli’s way of expanding their territory. So cunning.

This is worse than terrorism. Intruding into the homes of innocent people and killing them, tell me, what would you describe that? But I’m sorry, these victims are Muslims. Would you even care?

Let’s not even talk about Gaza.

They’re preparing for the arrivals of something… What’s that “something”? Almost everything that’s happening in this world and especially in the media are preparing for this “something”. Unknowingly, all of us are part of this system which will cause great destruction.


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