Hijabi-sta? Hijabisters? Modern Muslims?


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb., My Beautiful Akhawat. 🙂

Mona Lisa greets “Assalamualaikum”. xD

Alhamdulillah we’re given another day to worship Allah SWT and make taubah (repentance) as we never know when will our last breathe gonna be.  Make everyday an opportunity for us to improve and struggle in Allah SWT’s path. This post gonna be on my past posts from FB about hijab; a topic that can never go outdated. So I’m really sorry if this post gonna look familiar!

For current hijabi: Read this with an open mind and heart. May we continue improving ourselves as Muslimah.

For future hijabi: Same goes like current hijabi, however let’s start showing your love for Allah not only from your heart, but through the way you dress too. 🙂 May we pray for one another, insyaAllah.

I had a long chat with a close friend about Muslimah’s attire these days. She has been wearing jubah ever since she decided to change for the better. When she first accepted a job offer at a shop selling Muslimah apparels, she was startled when she was asked to wear “contemporary Muslimah attire” to work and fashioned her scarf in a manner that it’s attractive. So basically no black jubah and no normal square tudung. So much for a Muslimah apparels shop huh?

This has been my worry ever since Allah has granted me the ability to look at things from a different light. And the biggest problem with us Muslims today, we do things without knowing the wisdom of doing so. We follow blindly what the majority are doing and unless we’re always striving to seek for the truth, then we will always being pulled by the nose like a buffalo.

Have we ever asked ourselves, “What’s the purpose and wisdom of Hijab?”

Hijab in it’s literal meaning is ‘cover’ (noun). Eg. She wears the headscarf as a cover to protect her hair from the sun.

However nowadays ‘hijab’ is commonly misinterpreted as ‘headscarf’ and well, people now equate hijab to headscarf.

So what’s the purpose of hijab? When we hijab, it shows piety and obedience towards Allah SWT. It’s a form of ‘ibadah (worship). Just like how you put lots of effort in your prayers (i.e. maintaining khusyuk, observing ‘rukun solat’, covering aurah, etc), the same effort should be put to any other acts of ‘ibadah that Allah SWT has commanded us to perform! Why we’ve never tried praying with our hands up instead of putting above our belly button or why we’ve never tried praying without our heads covered instead? Have we ever asked ourselves why? Why we didn’t compromise any of His commandments when praying but we compromised a lot when it comes to hijab? Both are ‘ibadah, right? Hence, we should give our 100% when performing ‘ibadah!

If only people know how strong the word ”ibadah’ is, then I  guess we don’t even have to look into the wisdom behind hijab.

However, I completely understand this because I once failed to answer “what’s the purpose of hijab?”. The only reason I wore the headscarf was because my mum told me if I didn’t wear one, my head will be dragged in the hellfire. Na’uzubillah min zalik. Yet, was the Hijab back then serves its actual purpose?

Uhhuhhh, I was wearing long shawls covering my chest and back, in the end, that’s what we perceived Hijab as, right? A piece of cloth to cover the hair, and I thot I was doing better than the other Muslimah because I covered more than what others normally do. But I was wrong. Totally wrong. I was still wearing body hugging clothes with pretty2 colours and prints. I can never step out of the house without concealer, eyeliner and coloured contact lenses. Socks? Ahhh! It’s so uncomfortable. I mean like, who would want to look at my feet, right?

Besides that, not only my appearance was appealing, Iwas still the same person before I started donning the hijab. My sense of shame didn’t increase one bit. I was still the too-friendly Shikin that I’ve always been. I have too many “bros” and even my own sister called me a tomboy. Oh, selfie on my social media sites? Countless.

So really, what’s the wisdom behind hijab?

“And come not near unto zina…” (Al-Isra’:32)

I always quote the Verse above for a lot of my postings. There are many ways that people can come near unto zina. From the way you dress, to the way you interact with the opposite gender (or same gender).

The wisdom for Hijab is to help our brothers to lower their gazes. The wisdom for Hijab is to help us not come near the gate of zina.

We have been fooled by the society. We are tricked into the Syaitan’s trap. Syaitan has failed to stop us from not donning the Hijab, so he changed his strategy by making it looks as if we are wearing the Hijab the way it was supposed to be. If before becoming a Hijabi we didn’t have a bf, but after becoming one we have a supposedly pious bf, then I would say that the Syaitan has won. Please read my recent post on “Islamic Couple” if you’re indulging in this type of relationship. 🙂

“If syaitan has failed to make Muslimah let go of her hijab, then syaitan will whisper to Muslimah to hijab in a way that is against the Syari’at.”

No doubt every girl wants to look pretty, but if we dress to impress the creations, know that you will never achieve Paradise in this dunia – peace and tranquillity. And if the Hijab didn’t change you from a loud and crazy person to a calm and peaceful person, then it has not served it’s purpose too.

Yes, if you wanna be loud, crazy, pretty, do it when there’s no non-mahram brothers around. The next time you’re stepping out from the house, ask yourself these questions :

  • Who am I dressing for?
  • Am I really dressing for Allah SWT?
  • Am I helping my non-mahram brothers to lower their gazes?
  • And now that I’m dressed this way, will I have more self control over my ‘over-the-top’ personality?
...but not through the way you dress please.

…but not through the way you dress please.

Akhawat, do not be fooled by trends. Know the purpose and wisdom of Hijab. There are so many ways to express yourself, but please don’t do it thru your Hijab.

You’re representing yourself as a Muslimah, as a woman of Islam. A Muslimah shies away from the looks of the opposite gender and prevents herself from being looked at. The more adornments you’ve on yourself, the more make up you’ve on your face, the more eyes you’ll attract.

Touch your heart and purify your intentions. If you truly do it for Allah SWT, you’ll abide the rules of Hijab set by Him. Do not be swayed by what others have to say cz they don’t matter but Allah SWT does. During Judgment Day, you’re accountable for your actions to Allah SWT, not them. 

Save your money from shopping unnecessary items. Give charity instead.

Don’t worry about not getting married for not being able to attract the opposite gender. I was totally covered (except eyes and palms) when I met my husband. I’m 22 and married now cz I had total faith in Allah SWT that all the things He ordered us to do will only bring benefits to us. And only if we take a while to think of the wisdom in all of His commandments, then we will surely execute it properly.

Know what we’re trying to fight for. If we can’t win the fight over the government with this Hijab issue, then let’s keep striving to fight our inner desire (nafsu). After all, isn’t that’s the true meaning of jihad? To struggle and strive in His path.

Love Allah SWT so much. So much so that you need only Allah in your life and just like a faithful lover, you’ll do anything for the One you love.

May Allah SWT see our struggles and may He give us the strength to always strive in His path, Fisabilillah.


Ps: this post is not to boast about how pious I am. In fact, I am no pious than anyone of you but knowing the purpose and wisdom are what that differ us.


2 thoughts on “Hijabi-sta? Hijabisters? Modern Muslims?

  1. Maria says:

    Salam, i’m not a hijabi (not proud of it) and i’m searching for the light that will call me to embrace the hijab life. To complete my worship. However, very constructively, i must share with you some of my opinions about this post. I understand that there are basic principles of the hijab and in some ‘fashion’ or ‘style’ one or all of these principles are absent. It just becomes a piece of cloth. I also believe that other than the command of Allah SWT, the purpose of the hijab is not just to ‘lower a brother’s gaze’. That turns me off. It is opinions like this that scare the ummah – eg. girls like me heavily influenced by music, all the bad stuff and maybe pink hair. To say the square hijab is the only suitable one to tone down our personalities and make us modest, is a bit too strong?

    Allah knows best and may he forgive and correct me if i’m misguided but it appears to me that the Quran is more relevant now than it ever was. The quran does not seem to pull us back into time but instead liberates us into society and teach us health, morals, conduct etc, recipes to be successful and pious in a very dark and deceiving age. Obviously hijab fashion has gone a bit far but to cut it all out, i’m not sure if that’s right either? Imagine the number of strong, successful women who will be held back because they are unable to dress modestly and “contemporarily” according to their roles. We want to inspire an islamic/modest life, not an arabized one? If in solah we are not required to be in just earth colours or black and not required to only show our eyes, then could prints and colours and a little styling be so wrong? I imagine that if the world embraced islam, we would have a robust economy, people of excellent conduct, no poverty, filled with women scholars, doctors, artists, fashion designers. Not really a sleepy town of stay-at-home women. But this is just how i view islam as an amateur. Again, I could be so so wrong.

    About your opinion, its hard to digest but i’ve given you some points that could be food for thought. I may not be able to accept it but I’m just a passerby and I will now continue on my journey searching for the truth.

    Perhaps, you could frame your thoughts in a more encouraging, inspiring way like so – http://www.suhaibwebb.com/islam-studies/islam-101/misconceptions/hijab-is-not-to-protect-men-but-to-honor-women/
    It sets the tone for excellent da’wah among people like me.

    May Allah SWT guide us towards truth and teach to worship him as he most please.

    • nurashikinsalim says:

      Salam Maria.

      Thank you for your feedback. InsyaAllah I’ll take some of your words into consideration.

      However, I would like to clarify a few things if you don’t mind.

      I’m not an expert in Islam. I’m just a normal Muslim trying to improve consistently. Hence, my blog is more of my experience and thoughts. My experience from a non-hijabi to a modern hijabi and now to a niqabi. I’ve went through all those phases of life. And of cz I may be wrong at some point of time, yet when I was reading the article that you presented, I couldn’t really relate to it. No doubt it’s a good article but for me, I just can’t comprehend.

      Just like you, I kept seeking for the truth. I felt empty inside when actually I’ve got almost everything once could ask for. InsyaAllah one day you’ll understand what I meant. 🙂

      My only advise is to be courageous. If you know that whatever you’re gonna do is what that Allah is most pleased with, then just do it. Please Allah first then the people around us. That’s what I learnt throughout my journey in searching for the truth.

      May Allah SWT keep us under His protection and never let us go astray. 🙂

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