How I Met My Husband


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


On 20th December 2013 I got married to a beautiful man. My love story isn’t about love at first sight or about a girl waiting for her prince charming. It’s all about sacrificing and struggling to stop loving a human and learn to love again.

I first met my husband late September 2013 when he was an Ustaz conducting “Women Around the Messenger” session.  The first session he shared with us about himself. And I was kind of shocked that at the age of 23, he’s already an Ustaz and his knowledge is just… MasyaAllah. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that he just graduated from the university that I am currently in. Of cz, even though I was impressed by his biography, I never knew he’s gonna be the one.

At around that period, I was very eager about Islam and had lots of questions in my mind. Hence when he gave us his number, on that night itself I shot him with all the questions that have been bothering me. Hah. Well, he did say to us to ask him anything if we’ve questions. Hehe.


On the second session, he shared with us the first Mother of Believers, Khadijah Bint Khuwalid r.a.. Khadijah r.a was married twice before she met our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. She was 40 at that time and she told herself that she will never get married any more. However when she met Prophet SAW (he wasn’t a prophet yet at that point of time), she was attracted at his commendable attitude and great characteristics. She thought she wasn’t deserving of Prophet SAW therefore she asked her friend, Nafisah, to propose him on her behalf. Well, girls being girls, we were all awing at how courageous Khadijah r.a was. Haha.

That night, out of curiosity I asked him how did he managed to be an Ustaz, graduated with a degree, when he’s just 23. I asked this out of pure intention cz I wanted to know if I can graduate fast too. Hehe. He then shared with me and from that, I got to know he’s single. FYI, I was just at my first semester, first year of school.

Well, a lot of things went through my head. I see myself being in the position of Khadijah r.a. (of cz I’m not even near her good characteristics). It was that year too that I forced myself out of a relationship that I know Allah SWT will never favour. And due to my past, I feel like I’m not deserving of an Ustaz. I felt inferior.


However, decisions are not for us to make. My dad always advise me this, “I won’t decide, Mama won’t decide and you don’t decide. Let Allah SWT decide for you.” Indeed, it’s true.

TIPS: Ever since I decided to dedicate my life to Allah SWT (few months before I met my husband), I tried to start the habit of waking up for Qiyammulail. All I needed from Allah SWT was to make my heart stronger. Whenever I feel my heart’s about to turn weak, I will pray “Ya Allah, fill my heart with Your love and Rasulullah’s love before you fill it with human’s love.”. I cringe out of fear whenever I made that prayer cz I’ll never know how long it will ever take for my heart to be filled fully with His love and Rasulullah’s love. Yet, Allah SWT showed His mercy.


Although I knew I had so much disabilities in me, Allah SWT still gave me the courage to propose to my husband. I knew I got that courage from the consistent Qiyammulail that I did. After consulting my parents, I proposed to him. Proposing in this sense means to tell the guy your intention for marriage. Not by bringing your family to meet his family. No doubt I was nervous that he would give a straight rejection to my proposal, but instead he coaxed me by reiterating about Khadijah r.a. Yet, I didn’t put any hopes on him.

TIPS: Now that I’ve proposed to him, I included Solah Istikharah into my Qiyammualail routine. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t put any hopes on him cz I knew at this stage it’s easy for me to fall for him (he’s too nice la pleaseee…). I never fail to ask Allah SWT to strengthen my heart and Iman. I guarded my heart so much, so much so that if suddenly his family rejected the proposal it will not be a huge blow for me. At the same time, my husband also did Solah Istikharah.


I gave a hard copy picture of me with sister to my husband. As I was wearing the niqab, he can’t possible stalk my fb and check out how I look like. Hehe.

Since marriage is a lifelong decision, it took his family quite some time to respond to my proposal. My husband just told me recently while we were at the airport waiting for the arrival of my sister-in-law in Jordan, what was the major sign that he knew his Istikharah was answered? He said his sister was sceptical of the proposal at first, hence he prayed to Allah SWT that if I’m really the one for him, change his sister’s heart to accept me. Soon after, miracle did happen. Subhanallah. How great Allah SWT is? So don’t be afraid to ask for specific signs. InsyaAllah if it’s really what Allah SWT has planned for you, it will not miss you.


I proposed to my husband on 29th September and it took a month before our families met. On 3rd November they came and ask for my hand in marriage and Alhamdulillah we set the date for solemnisation on 20th December. Oh! I could still remember the adrenaline rush when I had to take off my niqab for my husband to see how I looked like in person. I almost fainted. I could feel blood gushing up my brain. Not exaggerating at all okay. Haha. My sister was laughing silently witnessing the whole process. Grrr. Anyways, it was fate that two of my husband’s brothers will be having their wedding ceremony concurrently on the 21st December and that’s how our solemnisation date was decided. Therefore, we called it the Mega Wedding because when will you ever see 3 newly wed brothers on the same dais? Hehe.

TIPS: Even when I was at the masjid waiting for the solemnisation ceremony to take place, I still guarded my heart so badly. Anything can happen even at the very last minute. Only when the Qadi confirmed that the Akad was successful, I finally start to love my husband.


It was unbelievable. Just from that one liner of the Akad, we’re finally married. Just by that one liner, what used to be haram is now halal for you. Looking at your spouse, you’ll be rewarded. Holding your spouse’s hand, you’re rewarded. MasyaAllah. How great marriage is? Haha.

“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find tranquillity in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.” [Ar-Rum:21]


Alhamdulillah for my husband. He’s the best I could ever ask for. He’s so gentle yet firm. He’s helpful in doing the house chores. He’s kind to everyone. MasyaAllah. I can just go on and on praising him. Everyday I learn something new about him and everyday is an opportunity for me to grow.

MAJOR TIPS: Find a husband who knows about the life of Muhammad SAW. Not only knows, but emulates our Prophet’s characteristics.

Especially in the Malay community, it’s a taboo for a girl to propose to a guy. And I’ve this problem too with my grandmother. She refused to talked to me when she got to know that I proposed to my husband from someone whom read my fb post. So I appeal to those who wish to tell my grandmother that I wrote a whole post about how I proposed to my husband, tell her why I did it. Tell her that I did it because our first Mother of Believers did it. I don’t blame my grandmother for having that traditional mindset because this is the generation (& our parent’s generation) that it would be best to align to the Prophetic traditions. For a girl to propose, it takes great courage and it’s a noble thing to do if she does it the right way. Imagine if Khadijah r.a. didn’t propose to Rasulullah SAW?


Bonus: A mother’s prayer is one of those prayers that will be answered. Since I was 15, my mum always told me to go to the masjid. She said who knows I’ll get an Ustaz as a husband. Subhanallah. How powerful a mother’s prayer for her child. Only after 7 years Allah SWT  answered her prayers. This just makes my faith in Allah SWT stronger.

Marrying is Sunnah. It comes with great sacrifices and a whole lot more reward. It will also increase your rizq. Yeap. I wouldn’t dwell on this, but I vouch on this. Of cz, for you to receive these rewards, your purpose of marriage must be because you want to be closer to Allah SWT. My formula of marriage is that, the closer you and your spouse are towards Allah SWT, naturally the closer you will be to your spouse. 


VERY LAST TIPS: Make your wedding simple. Invite orphans or the less fortunate for your wedding feast. Be patient in any circumstances. Smile to your spouse. Make your household a peaceful place to live in. Strive to be united again in Jannah. InsyaAllah, your marriage will be filled with Allah SWT’s barakah.

I hope while sharing on how I met my husband, I’ve successfully managed to give some tips too. It’s all about pleasing the One who creates us. It’s about showing how sincere you are to Him and His Messenger through your actions and not merely through words. Life is a test and we’ve to struggle to attain His pleasure.

“Verily in the remembrance of God, do heart find rest.” {Ar-Rad:28]


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Syrians, Singaporeans are here for you.


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

The past few weeks I’ve had the golden opportunity to visit some Syrian refugees in Jordan (Mafraq). Mafraq is the closest to the Syrian borders and hence you’ll be able to find lots of Syrian refugees there. Do you know currently there are more than 600 thousands Syrian refugees in Jordan? And the number keeps INCREASING! Half of them are inside refugee camps while another half live outside of the camp. Both ways, their living conditions are still beyond unacceptable. I didn’t have the chance to visit those refugees in refugee camps yet because of some issues. InsyaAllah one day.

Before we (my husband, sister-in-law and I) made our first visit, we collected a sum of money from generous donors in Singapore for these Syrian refugees. My husband got hold of an organisation here in Jordan called “Together We Build”. This organisation actively seeks out for donors to support various projects that they have for  the Syrian refugees here. InsyaAllah I will lay out each project in more details later.

So on our first visit to Syrian refugees in Mafraq we wanted to see what kind of activities this organisation is currently doing. It’s more of a recce to see if this organisation is not a fraud. Alhamdulillah we were actually quite impressed with what they are doing for the refugees here. Our first stop was a Qur’an centre. The centre was a very conducive place for both women and children to learn. Two classes of Qur’an sessions were going on concurrently. One was for younger women and another was for slightly older women. Both classes were almost full, MasyaAllah!


Qur’an class for slightly older women.

Class for younger women.

Class for younger women. FULL HOUSE!

Most of these women (both young and old) are either widows because their husbands are martyrs or even if they still have their husbands, their husbands are in Syria fighting their lives away. Such strong women.

Coincidentally on that day, they had some kind of an Award Day. We witnessed the first half of the event and even had the opportunity to distribute goodies that were sponsored by Ghanaian donors.


Even though it’s a simple event, it’s a meaningful one. Kids performed. A group performed a skit about the love of a mother, a girl recited poem on Syria and another group sang a song (I didn’t understand the lyrics but I kept hearing “Jannah”.). It was lovely yet at the same time I could feel their sorrow.

Right after that we headed down to a new kitchen, 5 minutes drive from the Qur’an centre. As we went a few days before Ramadhan, the kitchen was not operating. It operates on first Ramadhan and they will provide ifthar for the Syrian refugees. If the kitchen is fully utilised, it will be able to accommodate for 1000 servings of food. This kitchen is fully dependent on people’s donations. This is one of projects that we’re doing. We called it the “Ramadhan Project”. One serving costs 3JD, that’s approximately SGD$6. Alhamdulillah with the help of magnanimous donors from Singapore, we’re able to provide ifthar for 1000 people on 24, 25, 26 and 27 of Ramadhan.



We visited the homes of Syrian refugees after that. Most of the buildings that were used to shelter these refugees were once stores or garages. Small rooms were turned into liveable homes with a small toilet. At 700JD approximately SGD$1231, one small room can be renovated into a liveable living place. We call this the “Shelter Project”.


However so, even when they’ve a place to live, these Syrian refugees still have to pay rent for that small square feet area! Each month they will have to pay 150JD. It’s ridiculous! Just because these people are in real need of a shelter and they will have to pay no matter what, people start to exploit them. It’s not the organisation that asked for it, it’s the owner of the building! It’s sad to see the kind of brothers and sisters we have here.

I’m not trying to bring Jordanians down cz there are still some people like those in the organisation who are kind hearted and go all out to help their fellow brothers and sisters who are in dire need.

I just wish all Jordanians are more receptive of these Syrian refugees. After all, we worship the same God and we are the people of Muhammad SAW. I hope prices of goods and housing can be more accommodating to the financial capabilities of all Muslims here in Jordan. I hope locals here will start helping people from our neighbouring countries who come here to seek refuge. I just hope each Muslim will lightened the burden of another person because it’s the only right thing to do and that’s what Muhammad SAW taught us.


This strong girl right here showed us her tiny body that was scarred by a bomb that exploded near here. From what I could infer by looking at her scar that has healed, she might have gotten this injury when she was still a baby. Ya Allah… Imagine the degree of pain that she has endured. She was also walking everywhere bare footed and she was pointing to her feet indicating that she needs money to buy a new pair of footwear.

After which, they brought us to a construction site. Their biggest project is to build a 3-storey Madrasah with a Masjid beside it. The total cost of the project is USD$1,000,000. Kuwait donors head started this project which we called the “Madrasah Project” with USD$300,000. The organisation is still in need of USD$700,000 to complete the Madrasah. Hence this Madrasah is progressing at a very very slow pace.

An elaborated details on the Madrasah: The first storey will be for women to pick up new skills like cooking, sewing, etc, so that they can make a living out of that. As you all already know, these women are mostly single mothers and they are the main breadwinner in the family. The second storey will be classrooms for the kids to study in. And the third storey will be an orphanage.


Near the Madrasah site, there’s a Christian American hospital. We were told that Syrian children who seek treatment from that hospital will be given two boxes. One labelled as “Muhammad” and another labelled as “Jesus”. When they place their hands in the box labelled “Muhammad”, their hands will be stained by dirty ink. However if they put in their hands in the box labelled “Jesus”, they will be rewarded with sweets and gifts. When Muslims hear news like this, it’s always easy for us to start being insensitive towards the religion and condemn their acts (and the people too).

However, have we ever asked ourselves? Why is it whenever a crisis like this happens, the first one to render assistance would be the Christians? Yes, they may have their own agenda but they do it because Jesus taught them to do so – to be kind to others and be a good samaritan. Why can’t Muslims be the one eager to offer a helping hand because our Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us that “None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” [Buhkhari]. It’s part of faith and it’s about being human. When will we ever stop thinking about ourselves and start to think of others?

Allah brought down the Qur’an for us as a guidance and not for us to read it like a story book, and Muhammad SAW left behind his Sunnah so that we could emulate it. 

Alhamdulillah we have our own organisation here in Jordan called Singapore Student’s Association in Jordan (SIRAJ). SIRAJ has various aims and one of them is dedicated to the Syrian Refugees in Jordan. Alhamdulillah since day one we started on this, many Singaporeans are gaining more awareness of their Muslim brothers and sisters here and are donating generously towards this cause.

SIRAJ was invited to ifthar recently. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking, yeah: 🙂


Madrasah site. Together with us were donors from Kuwait.


Waiting for Maghrib Azaan.


At the garden where we had our Ifthar.


One of the grand winners for lucky draw. That man right there, is the person who’s in charge of the organisation. Such a great and kind hearted man.


SIRAJ members. Just a few of us.


Praying maghrib together.

Just yesterday, we (SIRAJ president, my husband and I) were invited again for ifthar. Yesterday’s event was only for women and children. I didn’t have the pictures of the whole event with me. When we were walking pass the Syrian women, my husband and I held hands. Then we decided to let go because we’re afraid they’ll be remembered of their husbands. Then I realised how painful it must be being in their shoes. Yet at the same time I realised that I’m actually looking at potential Jannah’s residents. MasyaAllah. They may lose their love ones in this dunya, but there’s no better place to be reunited with their love ones again – Jannah.

Kids were competing for my husband's attention. Competing for sweets actually. Haha.

Kids were competing for my husband’s attention. Competing for sweets actually. Haha.

If you’re in Singapore or have a Singapore bank account, you may ask how can you contribute? This is our latest poster and it is a brief summary of what I’ve written from the top.

10347639_10152113023532805_7969212809626287227_n (1)

You can contact via Whatsapp any of the numbers above or you can also contact me (Shikin) via Whatsapp at +6582981248. We’ve different rounds of donation with different targets and Alhamdulillah  as of now, we’re on our 4th round now.


For more updates on this cause, please search for SIRAJ page on facebook. (I’m sorry I’m a noob at this cz idk how to put up link). SIRAJ is trying to be as transparent as possible, so please keep yourself updated if you’re keen to know if the money safely reaches the right people. Also, SIRAJ will be having an upcoming Qurban project in Syria soon! Do keep a look out on that from SIRAJ facebook page too.

On behalf of SIRAJ, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to all those who have donated generously! Without the help of you guys, our Syrian brothers and sisters will be sleeping hungry during this Ramadhan, will have no roof above their heads, and will not be able to achieve the dreams they once had (due to lack of education). Only Allah SWT can reward you tremendously for your contributions. For those who can’t contribute in monetary terms, you can still do so by sharing about this cause to the ones who care.


Free Our Palestine!


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

A few months ago I posted about my experience being in Palestine for the first time. This time round, Alhamdulillah, I’ve got the chance to step into the blessed land again. The experience this time was way different from the first time I stepped into Palestine. We were also there for a purpose. We were on a mission. From the first visit, we went to Hebron, one of the major towns in Palestine, and our taxi driver brought us to a central kitchen there. The function of this central kitchen is to cook for the residents in Hebron and disseminate food to them. They are fully dependent on donations. Alhamdulillah on our second visit we brought along with us quite a huge sum of money, thanks to generous donors in Singapore. With the donations, we not only managed to distribute it to the central kitchen in Hebron, we distributed it for our brothers and sisters in Bethelehem (another major town in Palestine) too in a form of Ramadhan pack.


We bought a cow weighed 600kg for the central kitchen in Hebron which costed around SGD$6000. We witnessed the slaughtering of the cow too.

InsyaAllah I’ll explain why the cost of the cow was mad expensive. That’s a bit of a summary of what we did with the funds that was raised.

Now that I have more idea of the living conditions in Palestine during the first visit, I tried to keep a lookout on more things; like the differences in the living conditions of the Palestinians and the Israelis. It was of cz a huge difference, and discrimination was apparent.

I don’t know where to start. I wish my brain could just pour out all of the things that I wanna say. It’s really overwhelming.

We went during the period of the “3 Israeli teens that were kidnapped by Palestinians” at it’s peak. The incident was said to take place in Hebron. We were quite taken aback at first cz our main purpose of visiting Palestine was to go to Hebron. A friend of mine who was at another town in Palestine said that security was heightened and that people from one state couldn’t enter/exit another state. FYI, there are security checks whenever you wanna enter/exit a different state.

However so, we took the risk. I was quite astounded at how peaceful things were when we were in Hebron. I was expecting violent uproar on the streets yet there was nothing. Now that news of the 3 Israeli teens has been disclosed, I wondered. Why wasn’t there much commotions in Hebron but there were raids, killings and damaged done on other states like Nablus, Ramallah and Gaza, just to find the 3 Israeli teens? Before that, let me just show a few pictures of the living conditions of the Palestinians in Hebron.

Their front doors are locked by Israelis and hence the only way in and out to their homes is through their window.

Their front doors are locked by Israelis and hence the only way in and out to their homes is through their window.

Children finding all ways to get donations from visitors. Some of them try to raise funds for their sick family members so they could bring them to the clinic.

Children finding all ways to get donations from visitors. Some of them try to raise funds for their sick family members so they could bring them to the clinic.

On the streets are stalls by Palestinians and above them are Israeli settlers. The Israeli settlers throw their rubbish (hatred) on the Palestinians. Hence, they had to put up a net. The refuse can go up to multiple times this amount in just one week.

On the streets are stalls by Palestinians and above them are Israeli settlers. The Israeli settlers throw their rubbish (hatred) wherever they like (of cz we know where they want it to end up). Hence, the Palestinians had to put up a net. The refuse can go up to multiple times this amount in just one week.

Alhamdulillah to be able to create smiles on these kids' faces. At such young age, they had to start begging.

Alhamdulillah to be able to create smiles on these kids’ faces. At such young age, they had to start begging.

Back to the question: Why wasn’t there much commotions in Hebron but there were raids, killings and damaged done on other states like Nablus, Ramallah and Gaza, just to find the 3 Israeli teens?

This is just my opinion, btw. First and foremost, it’s just a fantasy made up story by the Israeil Zionists to justify their killing of the Palestinians. Like I’ve mentioned above, there are security checks whenever you wanna enter/leave a state. Even if it’s true and it happened in Hebron, how could it ever be possible for these Palestinians to bring these Israeli teens to other states? And let me tell you, their checks are pretty strict. So how could they miss the teens? It’s obviously a false flag.

Oh yes, Sir! Your citizen's life is more valuable than ours, huh? Human rights activists, please put this guy right here behind bars without having to gather any more proofs.

Oh yes, Sir! Your citizen’s life is more valuable than ours, huh? Human rights activists, please put this guy right here behind bars without having to gather any more proofs.

And allow me to show you how far Hebron is from Gaza. And if people still sympathize with the lost of the 3 Israeli teens, then you’re simply oblivious or just… Islamophobic.

As you’re reading this, Palestinians are still being tortured heartlessly by the Israeli soldiers.

Preying on children isn’t war. It’s terrorism. You’re terrorising on the child’s childhood. Your terrorising on the child’s psychology. You’re terrorising an innocent life.

SubhanAllah… I can feel so much anger in me just by thinking at how cruel these cowards are.

Okay. Back on my visit to Palestine.

After Hebron, we went back to our hotel in Old City at Jerusalem. The day after, which is on a Friday, as per normal we walked to Al-Aqsa for fajr prayers. However the men (50 years old and below) were stopped by the Israeli polices from entering into Al-Aqsa. So the ladies went to Al-Aqsa first. We thought the men were stopped only for a while but even after we’ve completed our fajr prayers in congregation, the men were still not there. Turns out that they were still at the gate.

The men did their fajr prayer in congregation in front of Al-Aqsa gate and best thing, in front of the Israel polices.

The men did their fajr prayer in congregation in front of Al-Aqsa gate and best thing, beside the Israel polices. The locals requested my husband to be the Imam and on the second rakaah, he read Surah Al-Kafiroon. At the corner of his eyes he saw one policeman charging forward as if he understood what was being read.

My husband shared with us a few things that happened outside the gate while waiting for the “green light” to enter the mosque (which didn’t happen eventually). In brief, a 49-yr old man pleaded to enter Al-Aqsa but instead the inhuman polices shoved him to the ground. Shortly after that another man came and asked them why he’s not allowed into Al-Aqsa. Instead he was punched and while he tried to run away, they chased him and started laughing.

As mentioned on the picture above, a policeman charged forward when upon hearing Surah Al-Kafiroon that was recited by my husband. Then we learnt that the forces (police and military) are made up of not only Jews, but Arabs too. Yeap, Arab Muslims. I wondered… How can Islam ever escape from this apartheid state if Muslims themselves keep betraying their own people??? How will they ever be free if they work for their enemy? Yes, their intention at first might be to save the Muslims from the enemy, but in the process they will still have to torture their own brothers! Why can’t they just stay united as one Ummah and go against the biggest enemy? Yet it boils down to one thing, I’m sure it’s nothing but just being selfish. The frustration of wanting to break free the fastest way. May Allah SWT bring us far from falling into this hypocrisy and may Allah SWT grant strength to the Palestinians.

Human Rights Activitists, please help to put this guy behind bars too.

Human Rights Activitists, please help to put this guy behind bars too. If Palestinians are animals, than you and your barbaric clan are worse than animals.

So before Jumaah prayer, we head out to Old City again. We tried finding for Prophet Daud’s (peace be upon him) masjid. It’s at the Jewish quarter. FYI, there are four quarters in Old City – Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian quarters. It was a totally different environment being in the Jewish quarter. It’s multiple times more beautiful than the Muslim quarter. And I saw a stall selling shawls; 4 for 15 shekels ( approximately USD$5). However in the Muslim quarter, on average a piece of shawl costs 20 shekels! Price discrimination by what?? Religion?? Only happens in Israel (I cringed at this $@%@!)!

That explains the ridiculous cost of the cow. The farm is owned by Israelis but it’s maintained by Palestinians. There are no other way for us to get meat that are owned by Palestinians (at least in Hebron). The Israel government placed very high tax on the Palestinians. As for the cow we bought, it was exclusive of tax! Imagine if it’s inclusive of tax. My sister in law said maybe one of the reasons they put high prices on meat because they know people outside of Palestine would want to do Qurban there and hence it would discourage people from doing it.

How much media has deviated us from the real world news. World Cup isn't one bit worthy of air time and your time. Look at the world! It's not always fun and entertainment!

How much media has deviated us from the real world news. World Cup isn’t one bit worthy of air time and your time. Look at the world! It’s not always fun and entertainment!

After visiting Prophet Daud’s (peace be upon him) place, we rushed towards Al-Aqsa for Jumuah prayers. I lost my husband at this stage. This is from my husband post on FB:

“It was exactly at the entrance of the western/wailing wall when I overheard a tour guide sharing the stories of Jerusalem in English to group of 30-40 Europeans I guess. She said, “Muslims are not oppressed here in Jerusalem. To be honest, Jews are the ones who are enjoying lesser rights. Muslims can enter Old City (Jerusalem) from any of the gates while Jews can only enter from one gate”. “

HA. HA. My toes are laughing. Read on to see what happened next to our Muslim rights that the tour guide just mentioned.

Upon nearing to the gate, there was a huge commotion. People were coughing and vomiting. The barbaric Israel polices closed the gate of Al-Aqsa and shot tear gas to restrict us from entering into the masjid! So much for our rights, huh? And so again, the men had to perform Jumuah prayer outside the gate.


View from my side. There are two policemen beside me but who cares.


View from the other side of the congregation before the start of the prayer. This is the ultimate WHO CARES ABOUT YOU picture.

They can try to manipulate people’s minds with all these propaganda and gimmick. One day truth with prevail, InsyaAllah. When whatever they say do not match with what is really happening. When real news arrives, no one can stop the truth from triumphing all these falsehood.

Awww... That's so cute. Do you need more antiseptic cream for your little finger?

Awww… That’s so cute. Do you need more antiseptic cream for your little finger? I used to be a qualified first aider, y’know.

Just a bit of sharing on the website that we visited the most – Facebook. I just got to know about this fact on my second visit to the Wailing Wall. Wailing Wall is a sacred place for Jews who often pray or just, wail. It’s a place where they can just let out all their emotions. Here’s a trivia quiz for you! Which wall are we most familiar with that we often let out our emotions on? You got it! FACEBOOK WALL! If you’ve not known about this yet, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a Jew.

I’m sorry this post is quite a lengthy one. But I just had to expose the evil of these Zionist acts. My husband said this to me and it makes sense to those who truly believe. The Zionists, they are not here to conquer the land. They do not care about the land. But they are here to prepare for the arrival of their Lord – Dajjal (the anti-christ). The time is near, and we need all Muslims to stand united to fight our biggest enemy. The more we expose about them, the more people will break free from being ignorant. People will start to be more picky about the news that are being bombarded to them. And insyaAllah, it will increase our Iman too.

For a start here’s what you can do.


Even after reading the news about our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we still can’t control our urge to stop eating McDonald’s, are we gonna be strong enough to fight the Dajjal later on?

If you know of anyone else eating McDonald’s tell them about Palestine. This way, we’re slowly revealing about what’s happening to our brothers and sisters who are being inhumanely tortured by these murderous heartless bunch of ^%&#*%#(sorry, I can’t put a term on it)!! They may not accept it now, but insyaAllah they will in the future. Whenever you’ve got a news on our Palestinian brothers and sisters, do share it on you wall. Yeap, although FB is created by a Jew, let’s use it to the benefit of our Ummah!

When we’re in Palestine, the locals always say: Palestine is not only for Palestinians, it’s for the whole Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

Let’s us not stop making do’a for them.


OH OH! One last thing. I couldn’t help but notice this whenever I see ‘police’ in their language.