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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah SWT. Being in Jordan has given my husband and I so much opportunity in many aspects. When I was in Singapore, I fell in love with a book called Psychology From The Islamic Perspective authored by Dr. Aisha Utz. Few months back, a lovely friend of mine gifted me with a book titled You Can Be The Happiest Woman in The World by Dr. ‘A’id al-Qarni. MasyaAllah, I fell in love with that book too! The similarity between these two books is its PUBLISHER! From that time onwards, I bought more books from the same publisher – International Institute Publishing House (IIPH). As my husband is majoring in Hadith, he is very anal about the authenticity of ahadith (pl. for hadith) used in Islamic books but for IIPH books, Alhamdulillah he approved of them. InsyaAllah generally most of the ahadith mentioned in IIPH books are Sahih and sound.

I remembered back in Singapore, I bought Psychology From The Islamic Perspective book for $28.80. However when I entered a bookshop here in Jordan, MasyaAllah, my heart nearly stopped because I can get the same book at almost half the price! Hence, my husband and I, we want to share our joy with our Singaporean brothers and sisters! We’re hoping this could be one of the ways for us to perform da’wah, hence we are taking orders until 6th November 2014, Thursday! 

*Those who have been on this site before, you’ll realise that this time the prices are slightly higher. This is because we’re doing shipping therefore prices are inclusive of 7% GST and shipping & clearance costs.

**Allow 2-4 weeks after closing of orders for books to arrive in Singapore.

The last time we had 57 books, now we have  105 altogether with different categorization. Have fun being spoilt for choice! Heee… ^^


UN – Looks interesting but we have yet to read it

** – Highly Recommended

*** – Must Buy!

 Self-Purification & Development 

1. 33 Ways Of Developing Khushoo’: Humility And Devotion In Prayer – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $6.00 (**)


2. A Taste of Patience  – Mohamed M. K. Eid Al-Araimi $17.00 (UN)


Pages: 142 Keywords: Paralyzed Writer, Adversities, Transform Bitterness into Success

3. Backbiting And Its Adverse Effects – Sheikh Husayn Al-‘Awayishah $3.50 (UN)


4. Don’t Be Sad – Dr. ‘Aid Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Qarni $23.00 (***)


Pages: 464 Keywords: Happy Always, Best-Seller, Pragmatic Islamic Outlook of Life, Maintain Spiritual & Emotional Equilibrium

5. Enjoy Your Life – Dr. ‘Abdur-Rahmân Al-‘Areefy $21.00 (***)


Pages: 476 Keywords: Improve Interpersonal Skills, Success, Personal Memories, Real-Life Accounts, A Place in Hearts

6. Healing Body And Soul Healing Body & Soul: Your Guide To Holistic Wellbeing Following Islamic Teachings – Dr. Amira Ayad $21.00 (UN)


Pages: 528 Keywords: Classical Islamic Diet, Contemporary Science Nutrition, Mind, Body & Soul.

7. I Want To Repent But… – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $6.00 (***)


8. Islam & Management – Dr. Naceur Jabnoun $19.00 (UN)


Keywords: Islamic Management, Organizational Culture, Leading, Motivating, Competition, Conflict Management, Human Resource Management

9. Problems And Solutions – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $5.50 (**)


10. Psychology From The Islamic Perspective – Dr. Aisha (Hamdan) Utz $19.00 (***)


Pages: 352 Keywords: Spiritual Nature, Serenity, Scientific Research, Islamic Psychology

11. Salvation Through Repentance – Dr Bilal Philips $7.50 (**)


Pages: 86 Keywords: Salvation by Faith, Salvation by Deeds

12. The Metamorphosis Of A Muslim – Lena Winfrey Seder $13.50 (UN)


Keywords: Spiritual Quest, Life of a Revert, Autobiographical Accounts

13. The Path To Self-Fulfilment – Umm Abdurrahman Sakina Hirschfelder $19.00 (UN)


Keywords: Inner soul, Love of Allah, Acceptance of the Self, self-observation, self-improvement, stress relief

14. The Silver Lining – Sameh Strauch $4.50 (UN)


15. The True Secret – Dr. Amira Ayad $19.00 (UN)


Pages: 296 Keywords: Activation of the Panic Button, Out of Distress & Misery, Eternal Happiness, Authentic Teachings From Qur’an and Sunnah

16. Weakness Of Faith – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $6.50 (**)


17. Which Way To Paradise? – K. Sherman $19.00 (UN)


Keywords: Beginner Muslims, Intermediate Muslims, Islamic Principles, Common Misconceptions, Women in Islam, Insurance, Modern Psychiatry, Myths about Islam

Islamic Studies Books

18. Islamic Studies 1 – Dr. Bilal Philips $11.00 (**)


19. Islamic Studies 2 – Dr. Bilal Philips $11.00 (**)


20. Islamic Studies 3 – Dr. Bilal Philips $11.00 (**)


21. Islamic Studies 4 – Dr. Bilal Philips $15.50 (**)


 Prophetic Etiquettes 

22. A Mercy To Humanity – Dr. ‘Aid Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Qarni $22.50 (***)


Pages: 630 Keywords: Noble Character, Engaging Commentary, Role Model, Teacher, Educator, Father, Chronological Events

23. Having Fun The Halal Way: Entertainment In Islam – Ismail Kamdar $10.00 (**)


Pages: 142 Keywords: Paralyzed Writer, Adversities, Transform Bitterness into Success

24. The Benevolence Of Islam In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Sheikh Saleem Al-Hilâli $5.50 (***)


Keywords: Mercy to Humankind, Kindness, Equity, Justice, Charity

25. The Prophet Muhammad: The Best Of All Husbands – Ghâzi Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ash-Shamri $9.50 (UN)


Keywords: Husband of Eleven, Exemplary Personality, Utmost Gentleness, Improve Marital Relationships

26. The Prophet’s Methods Of Correcting People’s Mistakes – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $8.00 (**)



27. A Guide To Male-Female Interaction In Islam – Dr. Hatem Al-Haj $13.00 (***)


28. Bent Rib: A Journey Through Women’s Issues In Islam – Huda Khattab $12.00 (UN)


Keywords: Role of Women in Islam, Women’s Education, Marriage, Domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation, Polygyny

29. Fatâwa: Essential Rulings For Every Muslim Woman – Permanent Committee Of Senior Scholars $20.00 (***)


Keywords: Women Issues, Fatawa for Women, Question & Answer Format, Concise Reference

30. Great Women In Islam – Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar $12.00 (***) [Darussalam, not IIPH]


31. How Can I Get Closer To Allah? What Every Muslim Woman Needs To Know About Her Menses And After Giving Birth – Jamila Hakam & Nazek Younis $7.50 (UN)


Keywords: Menstruation Rulings, Bleeding after childbirth, Closer to Allah

32. Polygamy In Islam – Dr. Bilal Philips & Jameelah Jones $7.50 (***)


33. The Ideal Muslimah: The True Islamic Personality Of The Muslim Woman As Defined In The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hashimi $27.00 (**)


Pages: 538 Keywords: Nature of Women, Ideal Character, Precious Gift, Moral Excellence

34. Traversing The Highs And Lows Of Muslim Marriage – Sadaf Farooqi $13.50 (UN)


Pages: 195 Keywords: Relationship Therapy, Everlasting Marital Bond, Dealing with In-Laws, Transcending Cultural Bounds

35. What Does She Expect Better From Her Rights In Islam – The Irshad And Islah Muslim Charity Organization $5.00 (**)


36. Why Not Cover Your Modesty? – ‘Abdul Hameed Al-Balali $4.50 (UN)


Pages: 68 Keywords: Islamic Concept of Hijab, Honour of Women, Quran & Sunnah, Free Societies of East & West

37. Women Around The Messenger Muhammad – ‘Ali Qutb $15.00 (***)


Pages: 364 Keywords: Prominent Role of Women, Revival of the Position, Women in Islamic Society, Female Companions (Sahabiyat)

38. You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World – Dr. ‘Aid Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Qarni $16.00 (***)


Pages:270 Keywords: Inspirations, Eastern & Western Voices, Tragedies, Best Daughter, Wife, Mother, Servant of Allah


39. Birds And Animals Mentioned In The Qur’an – Al-Huseini Sha‘Ban Al-Mahdi $6.00 (***)


Pages: 77 Keywords: Children Stories, Animals in Quran, Elephants, Dogs, Bees, Crows, Hoopoes

 Home Enlightenment

40. Dangers In The Home – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $4.50 (**)


Keywords: Tools of Destruction, Warnings for Parents & Guardians, Prevention, Future Generation

41. Dutifulness To Parents: In The Light Of The Holy Qur’an And The Authentic Sunnah – Nidhâm Sakkijha $5.00 (UN)


42. Now You Are a Mother – Huda Khattab $12.00 (UN) [Darussalam, not IIPH]


43. Nurturing Eeman In Children – Dr. Aisha Utz $14.00 (***)


Pages: 224 Keywords: Instill Faith, Raising a Child, Parenting Book, Righteous Muslim Child

44. The Ideal Muslim Society: As Defined In The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hashimi $23.00 (UN)


45. The Muslim Home: 40 Recommendations In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $6.00 (**)


Pages: 96 Keywords: Family Time, Comfortable Residence, Intimacy, Love, Sincerity

46. Youth’s Problems: Issues That Affect Young People – Sheikh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen $4.50 (***)


 Islamic Doctrines & Comparative Religion

47. Bid’ah: Understanding The Evil Of Innovation – Abu Muntasir Ibn Mohar ‘Ali $5.00 (UN)


48. God Arises – Maulana Wahiduddin Khan $15.00 (UN)


Keywords: Religion in Modern Knowledge & Scientific Methods, Academic Proofs of God’s Existence, Science & Islam

49. Hell-Fire: Its Torments And Denizens – Ali Hassan Abdul Hameed $5.50 (UN)


50. Islam Is Your Birthright – Majed S. Al-Rassi $13.00 (**)


51. Islam The Perfect Religion – Muhammad Al-Ameen Ash-Shinqeeti $5.50 (***)


Keywords: Foundations of Islam, Divine Gift, Wisdom of Syariah, Politics, Economics

52. Islamic Beliefs: A Brief Introduction To The ‘Aqeedah Of Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jamâ‘Ah – ‘Abdullâh A. Hamid Al-Athari $15.50 (UN)


Keywords: Creed, Guided Beliefs, Salafus Soleh, Division, Authentic Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah

53. Jesus, Prophet Of Islam – Muhammad ‘Ata Ur-Rahim & Ahmad Thomson $10.50 (UN)


54. Muslim Christian Interactions – Past, Present & Future – Yahya M.A. Ondigo – $18.00 (UN)


Keywords: Fundamental Truths of Islam and Christianity, Investigation of Religious Concept, False Propaganda Against Islam

55. Oneness Of God: The Ultimate Solution To The Trinitarian Controversy – Dr. Marmarinta-Omar P. Mababaya $5.00 (UN)


56. Paradise: Its Blessings And How To Get There – Ali Hasan ‘Ali ‘Abdul-Hamid Al-Athari $5.50 (UN)


57. The Grave: Punishment And Blessings – Sheikh Husayn Al-‘Awayishah $5.50 (**)


58. The Purpose Of Creation – Dr. Bilal Philips $5.50 (***)


59. The True Message Of Jesus Christ – Dr. Bilal Philips $7.50 (***)


60. Who Is Allah? His Names And Attributes And Their Significance To The Individual – Sakina Hirschfelder $19.00 (***)


Pages: 377 Keywords: Names & Attributes of Allah, Almighty God, Iman, Divine Knowledge

Islamic Creed Series

61. (Vol. 1) Belief In Allah: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $16.00 (***)


62. (Vol. 2) The World Of The Noble Angels: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $11.00 (***)


63. (Vol. 3) The World Of The Jinn And Devils: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $12.50 (***)


64. (Vol. 4) The Messengers And The Messages: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah  – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $17.50 (***)


65. (Vol. 5) The Minor Resurrection (What Happens After Death): In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $17.50 (***)


66. (Vol. 6) The Day Of Resurrection: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $16.50 (***)


67. (Vol. 7)Paradise And Hell: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah  – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $17.50 (***)


68. (Vol. 8) Divine Will And Predestination: In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah – Dr. ‘Umar S. Al-Ashqar $12.50 (***)


Pages: 160 Keywords: Predestinations, Divine Will, Freedom of Choice, Allah’s Decree & Will

 Quran & Hadith

69. Forty Hadiths On Good Moral Values – Yahya M. A. Ondigo $16.00 (UN)


Keywords: Prophet’s Statements, Positive Ethics, Morals & Principles, Daily Habits, Compassion

70. Tafseer Ibn Katheer Juz’ ‘Amma: Part 30 Of The Qur’an – Imam Ibn Katheer $14.00 (***)


71. Tafseer Soorah Al-Hujurât – Dr. Bilal Philips $20.00 (**)


72. Tajweed Rules For Qur’anic Recitation – A Beginner’s Guide – Hafs Al-Gazzi $15.50 (**)


Pages: 128 Keywords: Proper Tools for Recitation, Rules with Examples, Guide for Beginners

73.  The Concise Presentation Of The Fiqh Of The Sunnah And The Noble Book – Dr. ‘Abdul-Azeem Badawi $24.00 (UN)


Pages: 704 Keywords: Introductory of Islamic Jurisprudence, Sound Hadiths

74. The Necessity Of The Hadith In Islam – Emad Hamdeh $14.00 (***)

75. The Reasons For Revelation (Of The Qur’an) – Imam ‘Ali An-Nisâboori $8.00 (***)

76. The Sources Of The Qur’an: A Critical Review Of The Authorship Theories – Hamza Mustafa Njozi $7.00 (UN)


77. The Sunnah And Its Role In Islamic Legislation – Dr. Mustafa As-Sibâ‘Ee $19.50 (***)


Pages: 576 Keywords: Historical Development of Sunnah, Great Imams of Hadith, Preservation of Sunnah, Accusations against Sunnah

78. Usool Al-Hadeeth – Dr. Bilal Philips $15.50 (**)


Pages: 252 Keywords: Hadith Literature, Hadith Evaluation, Divine Revelation, Process of Authentication & Fabrication

79. Usool At-Tafseer: The Methodology Of Qur’anic Interpretation – Dr. Bilal Philips $16.50 (**)


Keywords: Step By Step Guide, Methodology of Interpretation, Historical Collection, Accurate Quranic Meaning


80. Al-Jumu’ah: The Day Of Congregation – Dr. Gowher Yusuf $12.50 (**)


Pages: 192 Keyword: Once a Week, Forgotton Sunnah, Appreciation of Friday, Accepted Prayers, Day of Resurrection,

81. Common Mistakes Regarding Prayer – Mashhur Hasan Salman $13.50 (***)


Keywords: Common Mistakes, Praying Aid, Khusyu’, Pillar of Islam, Act of Worship, Self-Improvement

82. Funeral Rites In Islam – Dr. Bilal Philips $9.00 (***)


Keywords: Loved ones, From Quran & Sunnah, Debunk Misconceptions, Correct Practices of Islamic Burials

83. Manhiyyât: Prohibitions In Islam – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $5.00 (**)

84. Muharramât: Forbidden Matters Some People Take Lightly – Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid $7.50 (**)

85. The Book Of Major Sins – Muhammad Ibn Sulaymân At-Tamimi $13.00 (UN)

the-book-of-major-sins86. The Evolution Of Fiqh: Islamic Law And The Madh-Habs – Dr. Bilal Philips $15.00 (**)


Pages: 208 Keywords: History of Islamic Law, Emergence of Mazhabs, Difference in Mazhabs, Unification of Mazhabs

87. The Music Made Me Do It – Dr. Gohar Mushtaq $17.00 (**)


Pages: 288 Keywords: Islamic Stance on Music, Islamic Rulings, Contemporary Western Research, Effects of Music

 Heroes of Islam

88. Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq: His Life And Times – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $24.00 (***)


Pages: 640 Keywords: Comprehensive History, First Caliph, Everlasting Glory, Inspiration for Muslim Leaders

89. Al-Hasan Ibn ‘Ali Ibn Abi Tâlib: His Life And Times – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $18.00 (***)


90. Ali Ibn Abi Talib (2 Vols.) – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $39.50 (***)


Pages: 1470 Keywords: Peeling Fabrications & Distortions, Clear Sound Stories, Family of Prophet, Succession to the Prophet

91. Atlas of the Islamic Conquests: Periodic Golden History of Islamic Conquests – Ahmad Adil Kamal $65.00 (UN)


92. Salâh Ad-Deen Al-Ayubi (3 Vols.) – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $44.50 (***)


Pages: 1140 Keywords: 3 Volume Biography, Hero of our Time, Liberator of al-Quds, Unknown to the Muslim World

93. Sealed Nectar – Sheikh S.Rahman Mubarakfuri $19.50 (***)  [Darussalam not IIPH]


Keywords: Award-Winning, Connecting Sequence of Historical Events, Legitimate Prophetic Traditions, Impact of Seerah on Daily Life Activities

94. Stories Of The Prophets – Imam Ibn Katheer $20.00 (***)


95. The Life Of Prophet Muhammad: Highlights And Lessons – Dr. Mustafa As-Sibâ‘Ee $12.50 (**)


Keywords: Key Highlights, Valuable Lessons, Principles of Da’wah, Seerah

96. Umar Ibn Al-Khattâb: His Life And Times (2 Vols.) – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $36.50 (***)


Pages: 1021 Keywords: Model of an Ideal Leader, Golden Age of Islam, Al-Faruq

97. Uthmân Ibn ‘Affân: His Life And Times – Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallâbi $24.00 (***)


Pages: 672 Keywords: Enlightening Biography, Rightly Guided Caliph, Expansion of Islamic State, Turmoil Engulfed Ummah

 Islamic Worldview

98. Civilization Of Faith – Dr. Mustafa As-Sibâ‘Ee $15.00 (**)

99. Essential Rights: That The Pure Innate Nature Calls For But Islam Requires It – Sheikh Ibn Al-‘Uthaymeen $5.00 (**)

100. How To Make It In Today’s World: A Modern Muslim’s Survival Guide – Michael Tofte $14.00 (UN)

101. Manmade Laws Vs. Shari‘Ah: Ruling By Laws Other Than What Allah Revealed – ‘Abdur-Rahmân Ibn Sâlih Al-Mahmood $16.00 (UN)

102. Ribâ: Usury Or Interest – Imtiaz ‘Ali $4.50 (UN)


103. The Freedom Of Opinion In Islam – ‘Abdus-Salam Al-Basyoni $5.50 (UN)


Pages: 104 Keywords: Freedom of Expression, Protection by Islamic Law, Privacy, Honour, Security of Human Socieities

104. The Life Of This World Is A Transient Shade – ‘Abdul Malik Al-Qâsim $4.00 (UN)

105. The Qur’an & Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? – Dr. Zakir Naik $5.50 (***) [Darussalam, not IIPH]


More info on books can be found on the Internet. If you have any personal reviews on any of the books, do comment yeah! 😀

You can also download these images below for the compiled list of books for easy reference!






*Self-Collection @ Bedok North or *Home Delivery between $3-$5 depending on location.

My husband and I hope that these books would be beneficial to each and everyone of you! Share this good news to those you care! 😀

Great supplication from the Qur’an: “Oh Lord! Increase me in knowledge!”





Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

I was scrolling through my past posts on FB to get some ideas on what to blog (I’ve been quite sick, hence my brains are not functioning fully) and I came across this post of mine on Jihad. With the chaotic current situations that our Muslim brothers and sisters from different parts of the world are facing, most of us can’t help it but to get too emotional thinking about their fate.

As we get too concerned with our Muslim brothers and sisters, we too must be concern with ourselves. Everything that happens, is a chance for us to reflect and be better Muslims.

There are many types of jihad. But surely Jihad is to fight/struggle/strive our way through solely for Islam; doing everything for the sake of Allah SWT and willing to die in His path.

We sympathized our Muslim brothers and sisters who are going through hell on earth. But when they die as martyrs, they are already promised a place in Paradise (depending on their intentions). But us? Are we even close to the lowest level of Jannah?

Just to pray five times a day seemed so tough.
Just to cover our aurah properly seemed so hard.
Following Allah’s commands have never been tougher for us here.

Different people have different kinds of Jihad. Our Jihad is different from those people in Palestine and Syria. Our Jihad is nothing compared to theirs. Ours is Jihad of the nafs. Their is Jihad in the battlefield.

Anyways, this is a famous Hadith:

It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), said to his companions when they returned from a military campaign, “We have come back from the lesser Jihad to the greater Jihad.” They said, “Is there any greater Jihad than Jihad against the kuffaar?” he said, “Yes, Jihad al-nafs (Jihad against the self).”

Unfortunately, this Hadith has been declared as weak or very weak by many scholars (some even classified it as false). Think about it, how possibly being in the battlefield a lesser Jihad than being in front of a non-mahram man? The former might cause bloodshed whereas the latter you just have to lower down your gaze. Which situation will you need more courage from Allah SWT?

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an 2:286).

 Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas asked the Prophet SAW, “Who are the people who faced the hardest trials in their lives?” Prophet Muhammad SAW responded “The Prophets then the best of the best. Allah will test everyone according to his stage in religion. If his religion is strong, his trials will be as strong as his beliefs. However if his religion is weak, his trials will be the same. The purpose of these trials is to cleanse the Muslim from his sins.” [Sahih al-Tirmidhi]

This clearly shows that Allah will not test someone beyond his/her ability. 

So, does that mean our Iman is still very low as compared to our Muslim brothers and sisters there?
Does that mean we’re not strong enough to face whatever they’re facing?

Let’s strengthen our Iman.

May Allah protect us all. InsyaAllah.



On a lighter note, I’m visiting Singapore soon, InsyaAllah! After 7 months being away from my home country… Phew. Alhamdulillah throughout my journey here, sharing my experiences on wordpress, I’ve build some rapport with some Muslimat who also wish to improve together with me. Since I’ll be going to Singapore for a short visit, I wish to hold a Heart-to-Heart Talk (HTHT) session soon! Tentatively it would be on 31st August 2014, Sunday morning.

As I’m still quite new to this kind of event, I’ll be taking it slow and will only call out to 20 Muslimat. Also, I wish to hear everyone’s voice and so that everyone can have the opportunity to share too. In other words, I wish to make it an intimate session so that we can learn from one another and hence creating a support group!

InsyaAllah I’ll try to make this event free. I’m still looking for a venue, though. Not really sure where is an appropriate place to hold this event. I want it to be accessible to everyone and at the same time I would love it if we’re surrounded with trees, flowers, grasses, etc. Besides Botanic Gardens, I’m sure there are other places in Singapore with trees and flowers right? Hehe.

Hope to see you ladies soon, InsyaAllah! 😀