8 Secrets To Kick Start Your Hijrah Journey


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbt.

This post is based on my Facebook post on 6th October 2013. The period I went through a process of purification of my heart. I was 22 and not married yet (Read: How I Met My Husband). I would say that my change was a drastic one and ever since then I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some people on my change.

Many asked me, “How do I manage to do all these?”. Well, it started with only an intention. A strong intention to be a better Muslimah. That’s all it takes, but of cz the hardships that I gonna face were/are huge. And the more drastic the change is, the greater the impact gonna be. And no doubt, more tears shed.

So here are my secrets, ermmm, they are not really secrets actually.

1. Never Miss Any Prayer

It’s very crucial not to miss any prayer. Even when you’re outside, and there’s no surau nearby, go to any staircase which people rarely use. Ladies, bring a mini telekung with you. Prayers will disconnect you from this worldly life. Eg, when you’re sooo into shopping, prayers will bring you grounded again. Prayers will also turn you into a more patient person. Do not rush it. Cz you’re seeking Allah SWT’s mercy and you’re asking for a place in His home. Be polite.

And do you know, every time you read an ayat of Al-fatiha, Allah SWT will reply you? So if you just blabber everything out without pausing on every ayat, how is He supposed to reply you? Even a person will give you a good slap if you talk that way. You’re talking to your Creator here. (Read: Careless In Prayers? Careless In Everything Else!)

The easiest yet toughest way to change, is waking up in the middle of the night to pray tahajjud. That’s when Allah SWT goes down to the lowest of heaven to listen to those who’s asking from him.

2. Think Twice Thrice Frice(??)

Whatever you wanna do, think of the consequences in the Hereafter. Yes, it’s too far ahead to think of it, but it will save you from many errors and bad decision makings. When you wanna do something, ask yourself “will Rasulullah SAW be proud of me? Will Allah SWT be pleased with me?” Remember, whatever actions done in this world, will be presented in Judgment Day. You would want to have a good resume right?

3. Feel The Guilt & Act Upon It

Only we know the mistakes that we’ve done to ourselves. It’s easy to distinguish good from bad. But nowadays, it takes wisdom and lots of courage to do good and leave the bad.

To me, Hidayah comes in various forms. But for sure, you know you’re getting Hidayah when you’re able to sense guilt in whatever you’re doing. For eg, not wearing the hijab. Many say they’re waiting for Hidayah to come. Yes, they do feel the guilt of not wearing the hijab but they didn’t realise it’s actually Hidayah knocking on their doors. But if your stubborn door doesn’t want to open, how is Hidayah supposed to enter? We can give 101 excuses, but in the end, Allah SWT still knows what’s inside the deepest part in our heart.

4. Be Courageous

This is the most difficult stage. But once you go through it, you know you’re a survivor. This is where the change will begin. I’ve got friends coming to me saying about people around them are belittling their intentions to be better. Or they’re afraid of what others gonna talk about them. If this fear is really pulling you down, then you will never change.

Pray for a stronger heart. Have faith that Allah SWT knows what’s best for His slaves. He wouldn’t command us to do things that aren’t beneficial for us. We must understand that the hardships Allah SWT is putting us into is for perfection. Never have that inch of doubt in Him.

5. It’s Okay To Be Alone

Really, it’s okay to be alone. People will leave you. People will mock at you. People will disagree with you. But you know you’re not really alone. Allah SWT is nearer to us than the nerves behind our neck. And it’s perfectly alright to cry. I’ve cried buckets. And no one sees it. It’s a painful journey. But we should know, the more hardships you overcome, the higher Allah SWT will elevate your status. That’s Allah SWT’s promise.

It’s a bonus if you’ve someone whom you can share your journey with. But if your partner isn’t halal yet, quickly get it halal certified. xD
If your partner isn’t ready to go through the journey with you the halal way, then that’s another courageous decision you need to make. (Read: Islamic Couple?)

6. Always Hungry For Knowledge 

Never stop gaining knowledge. Even if you’ve to travel far, by all means. Every step you make to gain knowledge, or to worship Allah SWT, you’ll be rewarded. Again, even if you’re alone to seek knowledge, do so. Pray to be granted more knowledge.

“Rabbi zidnee ‘ilma”
Oh Lord, increase me in knowledge.

My first baby steps to knowing Islam more was to go for talks/syarahan. Instead of burning your weekends with movies, go for talks. Movies will drown you further into this dunia. Really. (Read: Muslim Coming From Secular Education? Join IIUM!)

7. Read the Quran, Zikir and Selawat

Stop listening to haram music. It will change your life totally. Trust me. In the morning on your way to work or school, listen to your favourite surah. When you listen to it everyday, you’ll be able to memorise at least quarter/half/all the surah. You’ll instantly find your heart at peace and your day will be more blessed. No kidding.

Zikir/selawat when you’re cooking, ironing clothes, etc. If you find yourself singing or humming to a song, quickly istighfar and start with zikir/selawat. To get to the habit of zikir/selawat subconsciously will take quite sometimes. So keep “scolding” yourself when you realised you’re singing. Look up on zikr/selawat that were practised by our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Your heart will not only be at peace, you’ll also be rewarded for practising a Sunnah. MasyaAllah!

8. Be Wise. Be Sincere.

The road to change is a bumpy one. It’s not easy and of cz, life is never easy. This life is a test. But why do we want to give up a permanent life in the Hereafter just because we’re too attached to this life? Just because Hellfire is sugar coated with wonderful desires and temptations, we fall into it. 60 years in this world versus forever in the Hereafter, which one will you choose? Actions speak louder than words. When you’ve sincerity in your heart, it will automatically show outwardly in your actions.

In this world that is filled with lies, we should keep praying sincerely to Allah SWT to be presented with nothing but the truth. (Read: Do You Need To Be A Sufi Or Salafi To Enter Jannah?)

Let’s struggle in the path of Allah SWT. The reward is waiting for us in the Hereafter.

What happens in the past, Allah SWT will forgive you if you’re sincere with your taubah. Which means, you’ve to do Solat Taubat. The past doesn’t matter, what matters most is the condition you’re in when you die.


PS: Do share in the comment box below if you’ve your own secrets which you feel may be beneficial to our brothers and sisters!


2 thoughts on “8 Secrets To Kick Start Your Hijrah Journey

  1. Hayati says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Nurashikin. (: Do you mind to explain on how to perform Solat Taubat? Will be looking forward to your reply. Thank you. 😀

    • nurashikinsalim says:

      Waalaikumsalamwarahmatullah Hayati! Solat taubat is the same as how you pray your other two rakaat solat sunnah. Just niat, Al-Fatihah and any surah, then on your last sujud, just ask for sincere forgiveness from Allah SWT! May your taubat be accepted, InsyaAllah! 😀

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