Muslims Cannot Be Poor


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbt.

Alhamdulillah I finally have the time to sit down and blog. I am currently at the airport in Kuala Lumpur and waiting for time to pass so I could check into my hotel (edit: by the time I complete this post, one week has passed. Lol.). Anyways, I have been wanting to post on this topic – Muslims Cannot Be Poor.

I was having a conversation with my friend, D, quite some time ago. D used to be a classmate of mine. We are quite similar in a sense that D is of the same age as me and she is married. However what differs us is that D already has a young daughter and she has the latest iPhone. Lol. K. That’s not the point.

In my campus, you will be able to see several food items being sold by students at any random corners. The interesting thing is, they will just leave a basket filled with the food and trust that people will pay accordingly because no one is looking. Well yeah, there will be some cases of stolen money. One of the items that is sold is chocolate moist cake.

The chocolate moist cake’s food display changes rapidly. From just a basket, to a customised aquarium-like display with attached money box so that no one can steal the money. I didn’t know who was the owner at first when one day I went to campus much earlier than I would. It was D!

We got close at one point of time because D was one of my group mates in one of the modules. Can you imagine how busy she is with a kid in tow and having to bake early in the morning YETTTT she is always active in doing group assignments. Ya Allah. I was blessed to have D in the group when the other four group mates were MIA most of the time. Well, in the end we had the group split for our final assignment.

Anywaysss… Whoah. I realise I digress so much. I guess this is the result for not blogging often. Hehe. Okay I digressed again.

Well, as I was intrigued by D’s ability to be so efficient, I asked her how she does it. One of the first things she said was “Muslims cannot be poor”. To be honest, D looks super average. She is not rich but I don’t think being rich is her aim either.

I began contemplating on her words.

Wow. Such simple words yet so deep.

There are so many Muslims who are living below average. It is becoming not uncommon to hear news of Muslims being homeless in Singapore. There are so many opportunities out there yet at times we are satisfied to settle with “what to do… This is my fate…”. Well, of course what happens is fate, but Allah SWT grants each of us the ability to be better. Of course to be better it comes with the most unlike words – hard work.

So, why must Muslims must not be poor?

We do not have to aim to be rich, but every Muslim must aim to be able to share their wealth with the needy and the betterment of the society. I am quite positively envious when I heard people who are able to distribute their compulsory 2.5% zakat. SubhanAllah.

Even our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW says, “The upper hand is better than the lower hand (i.e., the spending hand is better than the receiving hand)…”

In fact, there is also a hadith whereby Rasulullah SAW says that charity does not decrease wealth. In fact, they are so many successful people who testified that charity increases their wealth instead! SubhanaAllah.

Therefore, do not aim to be poor. Poor does  not equate to Zuhd. As long we have enough sustenance for the day and some extras to give away, insyaAllah we will always be sufficient.


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